In Honor Of Shark Week: Shark-Nose BMWs

Shark Week’s just about over, and in honor of what many believe is the single greatest annual television occurrence in history we will be counting down three of the coolest shark-nose BMWs in, well, BMW history.

3. BMW M1

The M1.  This is genesis.  This wedge-shaped, Italian-wannabe of a German supercar cloaked in a paint that sort of gives off a ‘I was supposed to be orange but I didn’t quite eat all of my vegetables’ reddish-orangey color is the only reason why that E90 M3 is sitting in your garage.  Without this car, this iconic piece of four-wheeled machinery, the E12 M535i and the M635CSi might have never come into their glorious existence, and thus the E30 M3 would’ve never been able to become the classic that it is today.

Today, a 3.5-liter straight-six which makes just north of 270 horsepower isn’t necessarily ‘supercar status.’  However, when you buried your right foot into it back in 1979 and realized that the Ferrari 308GTB that just so happened to be on the same twisty back road was beginning to show up in your rear-view mirror the word ‘Holy’ and possibly an expletive may have found its way through your lips.  In a good way, of course.

Here’s one for sale if you’re willing to let your wallet become anorexic.

2. BMW M635CSi

Just like how dad’s genetic traits for athletics may have been passed down to you, the M635CSi can thank pops for its sheer awesomeness.  Why? Well, when you couple Porsche 911 Turbo-rivaling performance (albeit with a 911 Turbo pricetag) with enough room to frighten the pants off your own teenage offspring in the backseats, the result is, well, awesome.  And just to make it that bit more, er, awesome, tossing in a 286 bhp variant of the M1 straight-six supercar engine should automatically guarantee your son victory in any ‘my dad’s car is cooler than yours’ arguments with his schoolmates.  So yeah, thanks pops.

And, what’s more is the fact that, because they made 5,855 of them, it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to find one that won’t detonate your bank account.  It’s hard to imagine what this car may have been like back in the mid-1980s.  Pretty attractive styling, two-doors and four seats.  How fast could it possibly go?

Here’s one that you can pick up for about the same as a WRX STi. Tough choice…

1. BMW 507

Whilst composing this list, I came across a bit of a dilemma.  Choose yet another BMW that had some sort of technical connection with the almighty M1, or try something new.  As you can obviously tell, I chose the latter.  And if you have any sort of confusion as to why I chose the 507, I’d suggest that you stop reading this article so that you can just sit and look at it.

This car is arguably (and I will be the one to argue) the most beautiful car ever made by the Munich-based automaker.  The flowing lines and the I-thoroughly-believe-I-can-make-it-under-this-18-wheeler-low stance give off one of the best-looking shapes in automotive history.  Frankly, I think that for this car some name other than ‘shark-nose’ should be used to describe the front of this car because sharks aren’t pretty.  They’re ugly.  And menacing-looking.

But then that would render this car unable to make such a prestigious list as I am currently composing, and that’s just unacceptable.  Powered by a 3.2-liter V8 engine which could only make 150 horsepower (not much when its 300SL rival could make 215), it was hard to justify why the car costed $11,000 back in 1956.  However, if I could go back to 1956 with a pocket full of $11k in cash knowing that only 253 of them would be made, I would’ve happily put my name down for one.

I won’t bother putting up a link, just know that it’s probably out of your price range.  But if it’s ever before you on an auction block and you have about $400,000 to shell out, go right ahead.  You lucky sod…


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