The Morgan 3-Wheeler: Not So Unique Anymore?

In the world of cars, it’s hard to argue that there’s anything more unique on winding country backroads then the Morgan 3-Wheeler.  That is, it seems, until now.

If you’ve never heard of Castle Three Motor Company, the company is ‘a sports car manufacturer developing and marketing three-wheeled sports cars for the recreational vehicle and motor sport markets.’  If you have heard of them, however, then you may remember them as a motor company from 1919 who, like Morgan, made three-wheeled sports cars throughout the 1920s..

Then, again like Morgan, they went away for a few decades.  And now they’re back, with a few 3-wheeled design renderings to throw in the faces of Morgan.

So, what makes this car any different from the Morgan?  Well, if I’m to be honest, not that much.  After all, there’s only so much room for extravagant, other-worldly styling when your designing a three-wheeled motor car with a V-twin engine up at the front.  But then again, the company does have two V-twin powerplants and one flat-twin engine under consideration.

Other differences you may notice is that the concept has alloy wheels wrapped with some actual car tires.  No BMX bike tires here, Castle Three means business.

Even though we know next to nothing about this car as far as specifications and whatnot are concerned, what I can tell you is that this car will most likely be absolutely mental on country backroads.  Your move, Morgan.  I think.

Castle Three

Castle Three

Castle Three


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