Want To Know Everything About The McLaren F1? It’ll Only Cost You $1,600…

If you consider yourself to be a car enthusiast, you already know about the McLaren F1.  You already know that a 6.1-liter, BMW V12 which produced 627 bhp made the F1 one of the most powerful cars of its day.  You already know that men named Gordon Murray and Ron Dennis were the masterminds behind producing one of those cars that you grandchildren’s children talk about decades after the last set of keys exchanged hands.  You already know that, in 1992, a man who goes by the name of Andy Wallace drove chassis no. XP5 to 243 mph, giving the F1 the title of ‘fastest car in the world.’

However, if, for some reason, you don’t know what the McLaren F1 is, or you wish to increase your knowledge of the car and become someone who could narrate an entire History Channel documentary about it off the top of his head, this book may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Usually when you come across similar buff books that include the words ‘The Official Inside Story Of…’ in the title, they’ve likely been written by some motoring journo bloke in his forties who’s spent an entire year talking to the people who made the car happen and burying his nose deep between the bindings of old car mags that reviewed the thing.

Aside from one Doug Nye, though, this one’s been done a bit differently.  This book doesn’t just have some quotes from a sit-down interview that had been planned four months in advance.  No, instead this book was penned by some of the great men who brought the icon to life — Gordon Murray and Ron Dennis.

This book covers absolutely everything: from the hatching of the original idea to the end of the F1’s production, Driving Ambition: The Official Inside Story Of The McLaren F1 tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the F1.  And even better, it also lets you get a bit of a taste of what buying the actual car itself is like.  

How so?  Well you know how the story goes.  You’ve got the money to go out and buy a pretty great supercar, and you come across the McLaren F1.  It’s had a full, thorough lookover, the owner’s included all the receipts, and it’s passed all of it’s recent inspections.  Great.  Then you see the price.  Over $2.5 million.  Well, go on then.  Call the bloke.  You’ve got the money, what’s with the wait?

It’s a bit of a similar experience with this book because this book costs, brace yourself, $1,589.23.  All 272 pages of it.  However, just think of what you get for that money.  Instead of taking the easier, cheaper and less informative route of going to some internet site you may not fully trust, here you get it straight from the source, everything you could possibly want to know.

So, if you have the money, go on then, do it.  Oh, did I mention that there’s only three left on Amazon?


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