In The Flesh: The Porsche 356

photoeffect_1378523605308Not only is this Porsche 356 achingly beautiful, it’s also one of the reasons why the sports car market is the way that it is today.  Find out why.





‘M’ Stands For Monumentally Epic

What’s better than an E30 M3 and and an E90 M3 GTS?  A video about an E30 M3 and an E90 M3 GTS might just do the trick…

Chris Harris Drives Two Of The Greatest Ferraris Ever

Usually when you see a video of an F40 or an F50 being driven, they’re driven like there’s a possibility that at any moment the things may just spontaneously combust (they are Ferraris, after all…).  But if you’re Chris Harris, you don’t really care.

New Porsche 911 GT3 Video Makes Your Senses Hungry

Are you one of those people that doubts the capabilities of the new Porsche 991 GT3?  If you are, you may want to watch this video.

Chris Harris Slides A Pagani Huayra

What’s cooler than a Pagani Huayra?  Not much… except one sideways.  And who better to get one sideways than Harris monkey?

In Honor Of Shark Week: Shark-Nose BMWs

It’s Shark Week, and while you watch heartbreaking survival stories and tear through bags of popcorn while great whites springing themselves ten feet in the air, we indulge you with one of the coolest styling features in motoring history — shark-nosed Bimmers.

This Isn’t Your Average Amusement Park Go-Kart Racing

Crazy fast is a phrase which is thrown around a lot these days, but for what you’re about to see, there couldn’t be a better one.

I Can’t Help But Love: Madly Powerful Cars

They’re pointless.  They’re capable of reaching speeds one will likely never achieve in life, they have an unreasonably excessive amount of horsepower and you spend more of your time backwards after having spun them then you do actually going fast in the right direction.  And you know what?  I absolutely love them.

When Lancia Ruled The (Rally) World

Lancias are more than just unreliable rust buckets.  There was a time when a Lancia could not only last      for an entire rally stage, but it could also win an entire rally event as well.  And these cars are a few of the machines that helped Lancia dominate the rally scene.

What The Racing World Must Learn From June, 2013

Even with all of the safety advancements that have been made in past decades, racing is still one of the most dangerous sports on the planet, and this past June was a reminder of just how dangerous, and sorrowful, motorsport can be.

These Five Homologation Specials Will Make Your Mouth Water

Fact: homologation specials are the coolest cars that money can buy.  And in honor of the civilized  sports cars that made the racing versions possible, SpeedFreek is counting down five of the greatest ‘racecars for the road.’


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